Winter Meat & Eggs

Eat local throughout the winter, with farm products delivered monthly to Saskatoon.

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Available one Tuesday per month during off-season.

Buying options:

$55 chicken Pack: includes 2 whole pasture raised chickens (5-7 lbs) (Don’t be afraid of whole chickens. Here’s a quick video to show you how easy it is to cut into pieces.)

$55 Pork Pack: includes approx 10 lbs of pasture raised pork (1 roast, 1 lb bacon, 4 chops, ribs +/or hocks +/or ground)

$65 Beef Pack: includes approx 10 lbs of grass finished beef (1 roast, 2 steaks, 4 lbs ground, short ribs +/or stew)

$60 Variety Pack: includes chicken, pork and beef (similar to the summer csa meat packs)

*All meat packs fit in one plastic grocery bag.

Free Range Eggs $5 (available on a first come first serve basis)

Pick-up locations:

4-6 pm at Wildwood Mennonite Chruch 1502 Acadia Dr. (Just off Taylor and Circle Dr.) This is a joint delivery with The Farmers Table and The Wandering Market, so you can pick up other orders as well or a little something extra the day of.

Also available in Lanigan, Watrous or Nokomis. Pick up arranged on an individual basis.

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