If you want to see what 2018 included, take a look at each weeks CSA update, which includes farm news, recipes and cooking, storage and health tips.

Week 1 2018                                                         Week 6                                              Week 11

Week 2 2018                                                         Week 7                                              Week 12

Week 3 2018                                                         Week 8                                              Week 13

Week 4 2018                                                         Week 9                                              Week 14

Week 5 (Wednesday)  (Thursday)                       Week 10                                           Week 15

CSA Information

Share Options:

  • Full Farm Share:

    • 14 weeks of fresh seasonal chemical free produce, Available in 2 veggie sizes

    • 14 dozen free range eggs (one per week),

    • a monthly meat variety pack containing pasture raised chicken, grass-finished beef, and pasture raised pork.

  • Garden Share: 14 weeks of fresh seasonal chemical free produce.

    • .Available in 2 veggie sizes

    • Weekly free range eggs can be added on request

Veggie Sizes:

  • Large: intended for families of 4+ or serious veggie eaters (or for 2 couples to share together)

  • Small: intended for couples or young families

Length of Share:  .

  • Full Season - 14 out of 1 5 weeks of weekly fresh produce. June 27/28 till October 3/4.

  • You choose what week you would like off for vacation.

  • Harvest Season Share (Only offered if gardens yield enough to add more shares.Sign-up available in August) - The final 5 weeks of the garden season, (small size share). Intended to introduce people to seasonal eating.



Pickup Locations & Prices

Early Sign up Prices (until early 2019)

  • Full Farm Share: Small $650

    • Large $850

  • Garden Share: Small $375

    • Large $600

  • Local Pick-up discount (including Lanigan & Watrous): reduce $75 off share.

Pick up Location:

  • Saskatoon at a members home in Grovesnor Park (Thursday's after 5:15 )

  • Lanigan at the Farmers Market (Wednesday's 3 -7pm)

  • Watrous at a members home (Thursday's after 3:30)

  • On Farm (Wed or Thur)

Your CSA Shares will include:

  • All your traditional garden veggies (each week will include greens, fresh herbs, and 4 - 8 other in season vegetables like peas, beans, carrots, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, winter and summer squash, cabbage, beets, and a more few surprises.)

  • Large shares include same vegetables but approximately double portions.

  • A weekly farm update, with contents of box and recipes to try.


  • $150 is required to finalize your order.

  • Payments may be done in installments, but must be paid in full by July 31.

  • Payments can be made via etransfer or mailed cheque.