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At Grovenland Farm we grow good, wholesome, natural food for our community using organic and holisitc practices. Our Pastured Chickens, Pastured Pork, and Grass-Finished Beef enjoy a natural diet with fresh forage and without antibiotics, and we produce vegetables free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

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Our story

Grovenland Farm is made up of 3 generations farming together.  Lisa and Ben Martens Bartel, with their kids Jacob, Felix and Kaleb moved to Saskatchewan to farm in May of 2011 from Winnipeg to begin a new farming story with Ben’s parents, John and Denise Bartel.

After 20 years of conventional farming, John and Denise grew weary of the increasing dependence on chemical inputs and capital required to produce grains and animals for the mainstream global food production system. They then rented their grain land to neighbours and reduced their cattle herd to a level that was manageable while they both pursued off farm employment. Their hope was to spend a few years looking at ways to gradually incorporate more sustainable methods for growing plants and raising animals on their farm land.

When Lisa and Ben began to express their dreams about the possibility of partnering in a new farming adventure, common values and goals became apparent. And so, in the summer of 2011, Grovenland Farm began to see new activity as it welcomed the dreams, ideas and energy of the fourth generation of farmers from this family on this land.

Currently we have focused our farming endeavour in four areas, grass finished beef, heritage breed pastured pigs, pastured chickens (both for meat and eggs) and a full complement of vegetables being sold at the Lanigan Farmers Market, and through a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) seasonal box program in Lanigan, Watrous and Saskatoon.

Our farm continues to grow and evolve to follow our skills, passions and dreams. We believe in producing good food for our neighbours and community in a way that is environmentally sustainable and just for all of creation. We are proud of our farm and love to share it with others, so we welcome visitors to the farm to see how our food is raised, help out, or just get some country fresh air.

To see current pictures follow us on Instagram or view our profile here.  @grovenland_farm


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