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At Grovenland Farm we are passionate about growing and producing quality foods for our community. We believe that the way we produce food should be wholesome, ethical, and sustainable.  That is why we choose to raise our animals outdoors on the pasture, and garden without the use of chemicals. In the end this makes food that is both good for us, good for the land, and with a superior home-grown taste that you can’t find in the supermarket.

Garden Market Vegetables
CSA Vegetable Shares
Pastured Poultry
Pastured Pork
Grass-Finished Beef


We are proud of the way we raise our animals and grow our gardens, (although i can’t promise that you can’t find a few weeds!), so come on down and take a look for yourself. We would be happy to show you around!

Natural, Healthy, Fresh and Wholesome -good for you and the land.

We are happy to be your farmers!

-Lisa & Ben Martens Bartel  AND  John & Denise Bartel